Know The Inspiration Behindyan Devine

Hanford High School Classmate Ryan Colson has always been popular with his energetic attitude and friendly personality. He has always seemed to stand out among the other students. Last year, Ryan was nominated for standout performer for the All-Star game after an outstanding performance where he scored two goals in the opening 20 minutes. In the past, Ryan has also stood out as the best player on the defensive team, but sometimes he just doesn’t get the chance to show his talent on the offensive end. This has led to some frustration on the part of many fans and coaches because Ryan hasn’t had as much success as hoped.

Ryan Colson is poised to be this season’s senior class valedictorian and he strives to instill positive values such as hard work, determination, and teamwork into his fellow teammates. “I think every athlete wants to perform at his very best every single time he goes out there, especially when it comes to football,” says Colson. “If you are able to perform on both sides of the ball then you will have a great chance of being a great quarterback.” Ryan has found great success as a passer, but he needs to continue to learn how to lead his team and become a better leader on the field.

Ryan has been able to make friends from all over despite his slight looks and small build. He enjoys attending various functions and social gatherings, including youth football games, scout meetings, and church functions. He always wants to go out and meet new people so that he can meet the different types of people on the team and learn more about them. This has allowed him to network with other team members and coaches.

Ryan’s parents, Rick and Janice, encourage him to continue to strive for his football career even when he is not playing. “When he is not playing we will always encourage him to pursue his dream because he is part of our family,” says Janice. “We are going to support him no matter what he does because he is our son. We want him to have a fulfilling life.” When asked what they like most about their son’s career, the parents responded in unison: “the support and love he gives to other people.” This also complements what Ryan has said about the support he receives from his teammates.

Ryan Devine has gained many friends on the football team and has developed many close relationships on the team as well. One of the most memorable moments of his career was meeting his coach, Urban Meyer, during a game. Although he did not start on the field immediately, he learned how to walk the sideline before some of the other offensive players and was given the honor of sitting out the rest of the game with his head held high. He is truly a remarkable person with a tremendous spirit and caring about other people.

If you are looking for an inspiring, motivational person to follow on your journey to success, then you definitely need to take a look at Ryan Devine. His work ethic will challenge you and show you what not to give up and what to fight for. His heart will guide you every step of the way and will keep you on track. He is definitely someone you can admire and someone you can learn a lot from. He’s definitely a star in the making. So if you have the opportunity to meet or see him in person, do not let anything stop you from calling his name!

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