Holidays – How to Protect Your Employees and Their Holiday Hours

The holiday season can be very stressful, so it’s important that your employees know the rules for holiday hours and can take care of their responsibilities during these set times. There are laws in most cities that restrict when working hours are and you should make sure your employees abide by these laws. Some places have more lenient policies regarding holiday hours, so your employees need to know what the policy is for their city. Visit here for more information about hours infromation

It’s a good idea to know the hours employees are expected to work as this will allow you to take advantage of any discounts or privileges your business may have to offer. Some businesses provide perks or discounts for holidays, so this is something to look into. Many people forget about their holiday plans, but it’s important to call and remind employees that they must be working on holidays. Not only does everyone enjoy being off from work, it’s healthier for employees, too. They can be more productive because they aren’t worrying about whether they can make it in on the day of the holiday. You don’t want them rushing in on New Year’s Day or Christmas Eve.

Many people are also unsure of what holiday hours their employer has in store for them. Many companies will run an entire holiday extra or will switch employees mid-way through the holiday. It’s always a good idea to ask how the holiday will work. You may find out that you can change shifts around and work fewer holiday hours if you want to. You need to let your employees know what’s happening and get their feedback on the best times to work.

There will also be holidays designated specifically for certain employees. If you have a department that works on Christmas Eve, for example, all employees will be working on that day. If there are several people who work on Halloween, each person will be assigned a different holiday. You may want to inform your employees that their holiday shift doesn’t start until a specific time. This way, your employees can have some time off and still enjoy their holiday.

Sometimes employees may work longer holiday shifts than is posted in your company’s holiday policy. In this case, they may be offered the option to take a holiday and then return to regular working hours on New Year’s Day. This way they can enjoy the holiday and get some much needed down time before starting the next year of working. Give your employees this option so they can return to being their normal selves.

Don’t forget about sick days. Just because you have a holiday does not mean you can skip a day of paying sick. Always provide your employees with a sick pay day. In fact, you should mandate that your employees receive a minimum number of sick days per calendar year. You will probably find that the majority of businesses will actually increase their sick pay by a small amount once they see how much your business benefits from having happy, healthy employees. You definitely want to attract and retain high quality employees who aren’t afraid of taking care of themselves.

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