Facial Aesthetic – An Overview

Facial Aesthetics is the art of improving the aesthetic appearance and function of the face, neck, hands, and jaw through the manipulation of the aesthetic, facial components. Cosmetic and surgical treatments may include dermabrasion, injection, peel, laser, and muscle stimulation or realignment. The procedure is generally conducted for the purpose of reshaping the face, neck, or other soft tissues to attain a more aesthetic balance or to correct an underlying facial disorder or injury. Aesthetic techniques can vary from patient to patient as each undergoes a different procedure. Most facial aesthetic treatment procedures are carried out by board certified plastic surgeons.

Facial Aesthetics, dermabrasion, injection, laser, and muscle stimulation or realignment, are among the various surgical treatments carried out by Plastic Surgeons. Facial Aesthetics treatment involves the use of non-ablative and non-toxic methods to rejuvenate the skin, reduce lines, and enhance radiance. Many aesthetic treatment methods are used to enhance a person’s facial qualities such as symmetry, shape, depth, and the overall beauty of the face. The most common treatments include facial resurfacing, plumping, eyelid lifting, neck tightening, facial collagen, face peels, skin tightening, and face lifts. Learn more information about sahil patel.

Facial Aesthetics surgery has evolved over the years into a highly specialized procedure. In the past, a patient might undergo an aesthetic treatment and then have weeks or months with painful swelling and bruising. Now, patients can experience faster healing and fewer risks. New and innovative techniques have made facelifts and other procedures less traumatic for patients and their caregivers.

Facelifts, one of the most popular treatment modalities, involves the replacement of the underlying fascia and underlying skin with polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). The new PMMA is designed to increase the facial convexity, firmness, and radiance. The end result is a younger, tighter, and more even skin texture.

Plumping is another cosmetic treatment that has greatly evolved. This treatment is often used to treat patients who have lost volume due to hysterectomy or excessive weight loss. During this procedure, fat and tissues beneath the skin are reduced and filled in order to restore a more youthful appearance. The treatment typically takes one to three months to heal but results are usually evident after four to six weeks. The recovery period is about three weeks to recover from each treatment.

Eyelid lifts are also popular cosmetic procedures. Although much like plumping, the effects of an eye lift can be dramatic, but more subtle. When an eyebrow lift is performed, the uppermost of the eyelids are lifted to alter the angle of the lower eye. This makes the lower eye look more youthful and sharp. Eye lifts are performed on an outpatient basis.

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