Email Security for Enterprises & Service Providers

To deliver the protection you need, we’ve partnered with the best brands in cyber security. From next-generation firewalls to secure web gateways, arm yourself with the best tools for keeping attacks at bay. Our solutions are tailored to your needs for flexible and dynamic protection. The number of locations serviced by our company allows for depth of service as well as support in times of emergency. Our professional security service team is composed of experts in the Executive Protection and Uniformed Security sectors.

Social engineering-based attacks, targeted malware, etc. often utilize the user to gain entry into the organization, be it via removable device, spear phishing attacks or simply through hijacking a user’s credentials. We supply quality access control systems that are a reliable and highly efficient modern alternative to keys and locks. Control who comes in and out of certain areas of your premises and prevent loss of assets.

MPS is also an essential tool that can improve your network security. Office MPS is one of the reputed IT Security Solution providers in this space. Here, we understand that for businesses functioning in the digital environment, tactical safety against security attacks breaches is crucial and requires solid measures. Organizations constantly require comprehensive strategies and tools to protect networks and data from illicit access.

Printing devices have internal meters (Management Information Bases; MIBs) that keep track of key functions such as the number of pages printed and the toner level. The ABM Federal Managed Print DCA communicates with the printer’s meter to retrieve the metrics. The DCA, which cannot detect the contents of any document, complies with privacy laws. Achieving the optimum security solution for your organization seems to be a trade-off between certainty and cost. On one hand you are committed to maximizing the security of your asset, while on the other you are bound by the limitations of budget and resources. With over two decades of experience, we are a true one stop shop for security, and our wide range of services allows us to offer complete, customized solutions backed by world class customer service.

Protecting your family, your home and everything that you have worked hard to achieve is your priority and our speciality. We have extensive experience in delivering home security solutions and we are dedicated to being a market leading installation provider. MPS is the only corporate risk management and security company that can partner with you to achieve the right balance. MPS is a lean, dynamic Australian-owned company that offers the comprehensive services of the global players, without the overhead. MPS security has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to protect our clients, businesses, employees and assets.

This has been the architecture of our multi-tenanted SOC since 2014, when we became the first company in Africa to utilise Qradar to deliver Managed Security Services commercially. Our staff are friendly and will go the extra mile to ensure all your needs are met. We have become a trusted solution within the area and look forward to learning about what makes your home or business unique.

Whether it’s in a high risk conflict zone or in daily operations, we are there. We provide alarms, CCTV units, access control systems, and fire alarms to ensure you are protected on every level. Our state of the art systems are all NSI approved and we will make sure that everything is installed properly and that you know how to work the system before we leave.

It integrates seamlessly with any email system, including O365 and G Suite platforms, as well as many other Email systems, such as Sandbox, AVs and Archiving systems. Our Email Security integrates seamlessly with both MS Office 365 and Google G-Suite, providing their much needed added security, robustness, email integrity, and control over mail flow. A secure, flexible MPS solution empowers agile, work-from-anywhere teams to move fast, grasp opportunities, and create value. The cloud is more than where you operate, it’s how you create a flexible, agile business capable of accelerated growth. Your business objectives drive everything we do to continuously design, transition, and manage to your changing needs.

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