The Best Food For Puppies is Fresh Food

Xylitol, also used in products such as toothpaste, can cause liver failureand hypoglycemia in dogs. Aim for no more than 5% of calories from treats, say nutrition experts at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A Yorkshire terrier, for instance, doesn’t need an extra-large dog biscuit. And avoid table scraps, which teach your puppy at a young age to beg for treats at the table and can cause digestive upset and pancreatitis, a serious illness. Sometimes dogs don’t eat if they are unwell, stressed, have dental issues or if their tummies are a bit upset.

As a general rule, puppies should eat their specialized food 2-4 times per day in order to meet their caloric requirements. Consult your veterinarian on appropriate amounts and which dog foods are appropriate, as they can vary depending on the individual pup. Additionally, puppies should always have access to fresh water in order to stay hydrated. People love the fact that this is a very high-quality and great tasting food that their small dogs can actually enjoy eating. This brand is solely manufactured in the United States and all of their ingredients, such as barley and chicken meal, meet the go well beyond the strict demands of the healthy best food for puppies standards set by the industry. There is also natural DHA from fish oil for added developmental support.

Use a kitchen weighing scale or a measuring cup while serving your pet. Getting a new puppy is super exciting, but it also comes with a lot of important decisions. You need to pick the right toys, bedding and crate — but one of the most important decisions is what to feed your new family member. Some of the most prominent signs of worms in puppies are Diarrhoea, Abdominal Pain, Weight Loss, Dehydration, Pot-bellied appearance etc.

The freeze-dried kibble is also raw-coated for extra flavor, so if you have a picky pupper, check this one out. With the first ingredient being deboned chicken, the Wellness formula checks all the boxes for a quality puppy recipe. It mixes in salmon meal and salmon oil as natural sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which gives your puppy a softer coat. Wellness is a high-quality, trusted food that also offers a variety of adult formulas as your dog grows.

It has a higher moisture content, so it can help with hydration, too. However, as long as you’re providing plenty of fresh water, your new puppy isn’t likely to go thirsty. The bad news is that it’s become controversial in recent years. That’s because some dogs were getting sick thanks to their grain-free diets, as studied by the FDA. That doesn’t mean all grain-free foods are bad for all dogs, but do your research before you decide. These 3-oz pouches are easy to store and serve up to your tiny, furry friend.

When it comes to treats for your pup, look for healthy options that are made from the best food ingredients and that have no artificial colors or flavors. Some good choices include freeze-dried liver treats, natural chews such as rawhide bones or antlers, and grain-free biscuits or crunchy snacks. These types of treats provide an extra source of nutrition and will help your pup to develop healthily. The second dry food option on our list is the Small Bites variation of Hill’s Science Diet line, in this case for healthy puppy development.

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