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Online games are the games that are played on the World Wide Web and do not require any hardware, software, connection or installation. The player can simply need to connect to the Internet via his computer to play these games. However, there are many online games that need physical hardware such as a game console for a PC or a gaming laptop for a console. There are also several cases in which a user may be required to have a certain type of equipment for online games, depending upon the game.

Games are available for all types of platforms. They are available for both single and multiplayer online games. The most common online games are those which are played over the Internet using a web browser. These are generally referred to as ‘Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games’, also called MMORPGs.

There are various genres of online games; the most popular ones being shooting, strategy games, racing games and the ones that follow a real life theme like racing the New York skyline in the Grand Theft Auto series are popular. Some examples of browser games are the game RuneScape, which is an online game in which a player has to explore virtual worlds and fight monsters with weapons and armor and use potions and spells at the same time. Another popular game is the Age of Empire, in which players take control of the main character and wage war against the opposing faction. On the other hand, the browser game Halo Combat Evolved is an example of a multiplayer browser game.

There are different types of online games which are available for free and for a fee. There are the freeware online games such as the Abalone and the Amazing Spiderman. There are some games which are available for free, but these games are generally of low quality. The fee-based online games are usually developed by large international companies who publish them for a profit. Examples of such companies are Microsoft, Sony, Valve, Blizzard and Playlogic. These large companies usually develop the online games in a way so that they are compatible with various operating systems, which in turn require different gaming software and technologies.

As we have seen above, the main article in this article discusses the differences between freeware online games and online gaming, and we have discussed the development of online games. The main thing we would like to add in this article is the fact that online gaming is a huge industry, which has seen tremendous growth in the past decade, and it is projected to continue growing for the coming years as well. As more people adopt PC as their primary computing machine, there is bound to be a major shift in the way gaming will be perceived in the future.

What are your thoughts on the subject of online games? Are you someone who prefers multiplayer video game play? Do you prefer PC or console gaming? How important do you think online games will become in the future? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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