A Novice’s Guide to Noraebang in South Korea

Open all day and night, there’s no stopping the fun at this noraebang in Seoul. Su Noraebang is a crowd favorite, and is perfect for international visitors. With their extensive song collection that they update regularly, it’s no wonder their clients stay all day long. You can find a branch of this 홍대셔츠룸 spot in various districts such as Gangnam, Hongdae, and Apgujeong.

Pet lovers should definitely drop by the dog cafe, too. Open all day and with several amenities in just one spot, there’s really no need to go anywhere else. Not so expensive because in Indonesia also already around that price and the most interesting one you can pay extra +₩1000 for free refill drink and ice cream so cheap right!

Very smooth checkin process and the elevator system is cool! Bed was comfortable and room was small but cozy. Gym is 24/7 open and small but also enough for cardio and weight lifting. You can also try the coffee and tea sachets made available in your room.

2 line 2F has a receptionist, but there is no staff. I happened to have a cleaning aunt at check-in, so I contacted the staff. It may be better to contact the arrival time in advance.

The front desk staff were very welcoming and able to communicate perfectly with me in English, which was my biggest worry. The La Stella restaurant in the hotel served an amazing buffet dinner, about $50 usd per person. The room was small, understandable since it is Korea, but the double bed was perfect size for my spouse and I. The room was clean and well kept each day by the cleaning staff. The only issue we had was a non-working hairdryer, which we found a fix to so that wasn’t a major issue.

When it comes to the room itself, if you are not that picky, it’s tolerable. We went here during winter so thank god they had this heater placed under the bed so it kept us warm – if u don’t open it, the place is like a freezer. They also have warm and cold water so it was good enough. As far as I can remember, they don’t have curfew so it worked good for us. They don’t have elevators but they have this crate where you can put your baggages and it will go to your floor automatically. The owner is strict with the time, so at exactly checkout time, his maid comes in the room and will kick you out.

Some of the best dance clubs in South Korea can be found in Seoul. Visitors in search of hot nightlife in Korea will find both well-known and underground dance clubs in Seoul. Some are popular concert venues that feature live music acts from in and outside South Korea. Some are celebrated for their techno music and DJs.

It’s a good location where close to public transportation. I asked for a bath tub room in advance when I made to a reservation and they helped me to have a room with a nice bath tub. I’d recommend this hotel if you’d like to refresh or healing yourself for a day. The oversized round bathtub is super like. Hahaha is very close to the passenger station. If you select this option, we’ll highlight hotels and amenities popular with business travelers.

5mins walk from Yeongdeungpo Station and a full blown Department Store. Near Waffle University, Times Square, Coffee Libre, McDonald’s and good 한우국밥. Loved my time in the hotel and doing day trips nearby. There are a lot of convenience stores in the downstairs, and it’s convenient to take a taxi.

While most accompaniments will be in the song’s original key, some places have a feature that enables you to change it to the key of your preference. There may also be a dial for the echo effect; if so, turn it down. In the more basic noraebangs, the singing rooms will look quite bleak.

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