A Foosball Game Table Makes Your Lawn More Enjoyable

What can be more enjoyable than having a Basketball hoop at home? It is great to have friends over and just hanging out with the television and good food. This past weekend my wife and I had our first Foosball game. This very sunny day we decided to go outside and play. We arrived early to the park so we could play for an hour or two before it got dark.

We all enjoyed ourselves very much, and of course my wife had a good time shooting the breeze with the rest of us. After an hour or so we decided to head home. When we got home we found out that my Foosball game table was damaged. Fortunately we discovered this early on because it would have been very costly to replace it.

This Sun dome folding foosball game was a lot of family fun for us. It only took me and my neighbor handyman about 45 mins to put together. The directions are very easy to follow but even found a nice YouTube video showing each step in detail and that was very easy to followed along with as well. The directions were printed on a card which I cut out and then we used duct tape to hold everything together.

Once we got the table together we tried it out. My wife enjoyed the game so much we decided to buy a second one just so one of us could have one. That way we would always have one on hand for those rainy afternoons when the kids were playing at one of our neighbors houses. The second foosball table turned out to be exactly what my wife wanted, much bigger and heavier than the original.

This second game table has since been used for every day going on until the wife got sick of it and gave up playing. She loves her new big Sun dome foosball game table. One of the great things is, it has a small lip on the table to keep small hands from touching the ball when it is in flight. So now not only can she play her favorite sport with her friends, she can also entertain her visitors with her game table.

When she first showed me the game table I was a little skeptical. I have never heard of anything like it. But she explained to me that it was made from a very durable type of vinyl material and also has small air vents in strategic places. So no matter how tough and durable it is nothing will touch it. Now her friends are always amazed by her game table and when they need a break or need some company she is there to provide it.

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